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June 1, 2024

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Cities of the Underworld

Mayan Apocalypse

Don Wildman explores deep below ancient ruins as he searches for clues pointing to the true fate of the once-mighty Mayan empire.




Cities of the Underworld

The Lost Aztec Colony

Don follows the clues hidden underground as he searches for evidence of 10,000 Aztecs who fled Mexico and disappeared somewhere in America.




Cities of the Underworld

Prophecies From Below

The ancient world was shaped by people who believed they foresaw the will of God. Jerusalem is at the heart of all their fiery prophecies. From the outcome of bloody wars to the birth of saviors, Jerusalem has been at the center of prophetic revelations. Join host Don Wildman as he peels back the layers of this sacred subterranean landscape to uncover an ancient escape route, a secret bullet factory, and the birthplace of Jesus. He sets out to find the truth behind Jerusalem's most mysterious and enduring prophecies, the people who foretold them, and what was left behind... underground.




Cities of the Underworld

Maya Underground

Belize was the nerve center of the ancient Mayan civilization. Hundreds of ruins dot the landscape and reveal clues to bloody rituals, advanced architecture, and a belief in an unforgiving underworld of Mayan gods. Host Don Wildman ducks beneath the jungles of Belize to uncover burial tombs, sacrificial altars, ritualistic caves and the literal entrances to the Mayan underworld.




Cities of the Underworld

City of Blood

Hundreds of ghost stories lurk in the shadows of London, England, but behind every myth and legend is the terrifying truth that sheds light on one of the darkest periods of this city's history. In Victorian times, violent crimes, extreme poverty, and lawlessness forced Londoners to band together to survive. In a time when science and medicine challenged the Church, and disease and overpopulation drove the poor to do jobs only the Devil himself could imagine, London set the stage for chaos. From body snatchers and serial killers to occult clubs and pagan rituals, Victorian Londoners lived by their own rules...both above and below ground. Don Wildman explores London from the bottom up and tells the stories most would rather remain buried.




Cities of the Underworld

Barbarians' Lair

After the fall of the Roman Empire, Europe was plunged into chaos for centuries, with vicious carnage and rampant disease regularly raging through the streets. However, below the streets was another world designed to keep the people alive and the enemy guessing. Join host Don Wildman as he uncovers immense quarries of a secret society, Templar torture chambers, and the tunnels of medieval "ghost knights.




Cities of the Underworld

Tomb of the Lost Mummies

The urban sprawl of Cairo, Egypt belies its history as one of the world's oldest civilizations, where the Pharaohs' ancient secrets lay hidden deep below the vast deserts of the Nile. Don Wildman embarks on an underground quest to explore the massive engineering might of the oldest structures in the world, and learn how they survived a long history of invasions by the Mediterranean's greatest civilizations: the Greeks, Romans, and Turks. The Step Pyramid, constructed a century before the great structures at Giza, reveals hidden insights into how the Pharaohs died; an eerily detailed roadmap to the afterlife known as "The Book of the Dead" is examined; and a lost tomb filled with 2,000 year-old mummies is serendipitously discovered. Cairo is a city of the living and the dead, with its darkest secrets hidden in the tunnels of the ancient underworld.




Cities of the Underworld

Gods of War

Lying at the crossroads of the East and West, Turkey has a history marked by conquest and conflict. Empires clashed over this land and its trade routes, leaving behind a rich mythology of gods and men, and tales of epic battles that soaked Turkey's soil in blood. Host Don Wildman uncovers the truth behind the mysterious legends of the Trojan War, and reveals how a maniacal king plotted to overturn consecrated ground in order to build one of the Ancient World's Seven Wonders. It's the vengeance of the gods versus the might of mortal armies--and the remains are buried underground.

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