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April 3, 2023

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Story Feature

WW2 From Space

This spectacular two-hour special delivers the tipping points of World War II as you've never seen them before. The key editorial feature of the program is an all-seeing CGI eye; a satellite, flying above earth, bringing a new visual approach to the biggest conflict of all time. Flying through space and time from above, we'll see these monumental moments in their global context, bringing new information to the forefront and explaining how a nation ranked 19th in the world's militaries in 1939, emerged six years later as the planet's only atomic superpower. Our view from above means we can re-interpret WWII; placing key events in perspective, flying around the world to show the importance of simultaneity, revealing the hidden ripple effects of crucial incidents, and re-creating ground-breaking moments that could never have been captured on camera.




Story Feature

The Last Days of World War II

Nazi plunder, last-chance secret weapons, the race for the A-bomb and Hitler's mysterious death are part of the frenetic activity leading u p to V-E Day. This special three-hour documentary marks the 50th anniversary of the allied victory.




Story Feature

Death Tide at Tarawa

A special 50th anniversary documentary about one of the most savage and deadliest battles ever fought by American soldiers. Conquering a Pacific Island about the size of New York City's Central park, heroic U.S. Marines suffered over 1,000 dead.




Story Feature

Showdown At Leyte Gulf

The story of one of the greatest battleship fights ever, the last time that two great navies fought toe-to-toe with big guns and torpedoes. Exciting action footage captures the classic maneuvers of the American fleet.




Story Feature

The Rain of Steel

Story of how U.S. air power gained supremacy in the skies over Europe and the Pacific in World War II. Battling back from unpreparedness at the start of the war, American raids on Tokyo and Dresden caused more deaths than the Hiroshima A-bomb.